Dear Friends:

It is with deep regret and relief that I must inform you that we have made the decision to CANCEL the upcoming PAY IT FORWARD INTERNATIONALLY CONFERENCE that was scheduled for October 24, 2015. A lot of work has been done, contributions pledged, a lot of interest and excitement created, but there comes a time when the realization that the concept is premature and needs a lot of pre-awareness generated. Therefore, we will focus our efforts on Pay It Forward Day (April 28, 2016) and lay additional groundwork for a possible future conference.

Pay it Forward Internationally Conference

Our understanding is that many people want to help others, do acts of kindness, inspire others to do good – in other words, Pay It Forward. Young and old alike share the same feeling, but in many cases are clueless as to what how and where the opportunities are available. University students and young professionals have the drive to put into practice what they have studied for and want to gain first-hand experience. Retired persons and senior citizens have the time, experience and desire to venture out, travel, put their life-long knowledge into something that would benefit others and be rewarding.

The issue is that even with all the current technology, libraries and other resources available, finding what opportunities exist, finding the right contacts, gathering the required information, jumping through all the obstacles, completing an application and feeling safe for ‘Paying It Forward Internationally’ ...are obscure.

In order to address this issue, the Arts Council Lake Erie West (ACLEW) and the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development (GLC) will convene an informative conference about global programs addressed to people in the fields of education, healthcare, agriculture, business development, handicrafts and entrepreneurship. The goal is to assist others to find the right avenues to use their knowledge and to help others internationally, in other words, to pay it forward. University students, young professionals and senior citizens alike are invited to attend the inaugural Pay It Forward Internationally (PIFI) Conference on Saturday, October 24, 2015, from 9:00am to 3:00 pm at the University of Toledo’s College of Law Auditorium.

Participants will learn about Pay it Forward Internationally opportunities to travel, gain beneficial international experience, hear first-hand accounts from individuals who have participated in international programs, connect with a network of U.S. mentors with resources and experience in their particular field, as well as help plan and participate in ‘Pay it Forward Day NW Ohio’. A registration fee of $25.00 per person includes lunch, resources and mentors. University students need to register with their institution for discounted registration. Applications and further information are available at or by email at:

The purpose of the PIFI Conference is to address the interest and assess the need for further development of the ‘paying it forward’ concept in order to develop a responsible and secure system for sustaining the concept in the northwest Ohio area. Professionals with international experience will open the conference at 9:00 am with an overview of the PIFI concept and the nuts & bolts of venturing into foreign communities. Attendees can choose from three afternoon break-out sessions: Education & Professional Development, Health & Wellness, and Global Business Entrepreneurship. Speakers include Marcy Kaptur, U.S. House Representative, Donovan Nichols, U.S. Pay It Forward Day Coordinator and U.T. Asst. Dean for Student Involvement.

The conference is made possible through the partnership and contributions of co-sponsors: University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Lourdes University, Owens Community College, Great Lakes Consortium for International Training & Development, Arts Council Lake Erie West and the World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio. Like PIFI on

As lead organizers, the Arts Council Lake Erie West (ACLEW) and the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development (GLC) have worked together internationally for 16 years to develop creative skills, promote democracy and helping people help themselves and their community. ACLEW (1983) is a grassroots agency providing space and services to artists while engaging the public in creative, educational, historical, cultural and international programs. ACLEW operates Common Space Centers for Creativity and Seven Eagles Historical Education Center. Martin W. Nagy, organizer of the conference, is an international arts consultant and executive director of ACLEW. GLC (1999) is a collaborative effort of the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Lourdes University and WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. that initiates, supports and coordinates international training and development efforts with resources and needs in the world community. GLC has worked with more than seventeen countries and various projects around the world. Elizabeth Balint is director of the GLC program.

Please reserve Saturday, October 24, 2015, from 9:00am to 3:00pm for the inaugural Pay It Forward Internationally Conference to be held at the University of Toledo’s College of Law Auditorium. This is your chance to learn about global Pay It Forward opportunities, discuss your desires with mentors who have done it, and get the resources that will benefit you in your effort to Pay It Forward. Registration forms for university students available here.